The Virginia Journal of International Law was founded in the spring of 1960 as the Journal of the John Bassett Moore Society of International Law. Originally named after one of Virginia Law's most distinguished alumni, the journal sought to "offer[] the law student a contemporary picture of international law, its opportunities and advantages, and its problems and limitations."

The Journal soon became its own entity and adopted its current name in 1963. In the fifty-four years since its founding, a number of leading scholars and international law practitioners have graced its pages with their ideas. Indeed, a recent study by the Washington & Lee School of Law showed that the Journal is the most-cited student-edited journal of international law today.

The Journal's impact, however, has not been limited to academia. Its subscribers include many courts — both within the United States and abroad — and its pieces have been cited multiple times by the Supreme Court of the United States,1 U.S. Circuit Courts of Appeals,2 and the International Court of Justice.3

To chronicle our history, we have reproduced several tributes and commemorative pieces below:

Mission Statement of the Journal, Editorial Note, Vol. 2, Issue 1

Tribute to John Bassett Moore, Vol. 1, Issue 1, Pages 5–7

Paul Mahoney, 50th Anniversary Commemorative Letter, Vol. 50, Issue 1, Pages 1–2


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