VOLUME 55 :: No. 1

Crossing Borders in International Development: Some Perspectives on Human Rights, Governance, and Anti-Corruption

by Hassane Cissé ~ Dec 01, 2014

Conflating Politics and Development? Examining Investment Treaty Arbitration Outcomes

by Susan D. Franck ~ Dec 01, 2014

When Are International Crimes Just Cause for War?

by Margaret M. deGuzman ~ Dec 01, 2014

Retooling TRIPS

by Patricia L. Judd ~ Dec 01, 2014

The Cape Town Convention’s Improbable-but-Possible Progeny Part One: An International Secured Transactions Registry of General Application

by Charles W. Mooney, Jr. ~ Dec 01, 2014

The Game Changer: How the P5 Caused a Paradigm Shift in Norm Diffusion Post-9/11

by Catherine Moore ~ Dec 01, 2014

Consistently Inconsistent: U.S. LNG Exportation Policy and the WTO

by Michael P. Smith ~ Dec 01, 2014


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